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SunCrop Canola Oil
加穗满牌芥花油 3L

芥花油来自芥花籽。芥花又称双低油菜,收获后,将芥花籽进行压榨处理并提取种子内所含的油即为芥花油。芥花籽平均含有45%的油。 Canola oil comes from the seeds of the canola plant. Once harvested, canola seeds are crushed and the oil contained within the seed is extracted. The average canola seed is 45% oil.

BeeMaid Honey 500g
BeeMaid 蜂蜜 500g

BeeMaid一直坚持为消费者提供100%纯正安全的蜂蜜,并且全部产自加拿大。 BeeMaid是加拿大第一家通过了“真实来源认证”(True Source Certified)的蜂蜜生产商,能够跟踪每一瓶从蜂房生产的产品。 蜂蜜的功效:护肤美容 、抗菌消炎、促进组织再生、促进消化、提高免疫力、保护心血管

PurNatur Pure Maple Syrup, No.1 medium, glass
纯枫叶糖浆 一级中等清澈 玻璃瓶装 250ml

The maple sap is harvested. Its sweeteness concentrated through boiling, then filtered to remove the minor imputrities. Savour the pure essence of nature, from the tree to your table.