About Sunfarm

SunFarm Products Ltd., a subsidiary of Sinova Group Canada, offers a diversified portfolio of natural and organic packaged food products to China and peripheral markets.

  • We deliver our great passion and peerless commitment to both consumers we serve and brands we represent.
  • We take pride in the close relationships with our suppliers and with the retailers and distributors we service.
  • We believe in “Food Matters”. We are very serious about all brands and products from ingredients to packages, from sourcing to manufacturing, from coast to coast, because we know our food matters to you and your family, and our pursuit of quality should be endless.
  • Our main market is imported food channel and the natural food category in e-commerce landscape across China. In a word, our primary focus is export. Our team works both at head office in Vancouver and at regional offices in China to establish and expand distribution in order to maximize each brand’s export volume and market share.

SunFarm Products Ltd.是一家总部位于加拿大温哥华的专业食品(食材)综合服务商。我们秉承“Better Food, Better You”的经营理念,为全球各地客户提供优质的产品与服务。

  • 我们相信美食是一种生活态度。
  • 我们倾心打造从农场到餐桌的价值链。
  • 我们致力于为各国美食爱好者严选天然、健康、美味的产品。从成份到包装,从采购到制造,从东海岸到西海岸。我们对产品品质的追求永无止境。
  • 我们的产品主要面向进口食品渠道和中国的电子商务平台中天然食品类别。我们的重点是出口。我们总部设在温哥华,在中国设立地区办事处,以最大限度建立和扩展分销,以赢得每个品牌的出口量和市场份额。

The brands we are manufacturing, being authorized and selling are including:



Companies we are have cooperation relationship are including:



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